Mizuno J1GD202636 WAVE HORIZON 4
Mizuno J1GD202636 WAVE HORIZON 4
Mizuno J1GD202636 WAVE HORIZON 4
Mizuno J1GD202636 WAVE HORIZON 4
Mizuno J1GD202636 WAVE HORIZON 4
  • SKU: 5054698952184

Mizuno J1GD202636 WAVE HORIZON 4

  • Vendor: Mizuno
  • Barcode: 5054698952184

Advice for Road Runners:

This highly cushioned stability shoe features Stability Wave Foam technology. The structure and angulation of the waves help to create stability. The Wave Horizon 4 also features a new stability XPOP Pu Foam. There's a greater amount of XPOP on the lateral side for increased cushioning and a greater amount of the firmer Euphoric EVA midsole on the medial side which helps create a greater level of control. Wave Foam technology and XPOP material helps create a highly cushioned feel from heel to toe.

The outsole is made using a full-ground contact design that also promotes a soft and smooth underfoot sensation and greater level of stability in the midfoot phase of the gait cycle. A 2-layered engineered air-mesh provides a soft and comfortable fit in the upper. Support straps help increase the support that's delivered by the midsole.

Key Features:

Weight: 280g
Drop: 10mm

The Wave Horizon 4 is perfect for runners who are looking for lots of comfort on slower-paced runs.

Shoe size is a personal preference and everyone's feet are different, but we want to ensure you avoid any pain or discomfort from bruised toenails, rubbing, blistering or pins and needles. Your running shoes should have enough width to allow you to spread your toes and should have some space at the front (we recommend having a half to one thumb's width of space from the end of your longest toe to the front of your running shoes). This usually means that your running shoe will be at least a half size bigger than your regular shoe size though this can vary from brand to brand.